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Cutting and Styling

  1. 01
    Men’s Cut $55
    Our signature cut tailored for you to manage easily and designed to last.
  2. 02
    Women’s Pixie Cut $55
    Easy to style, fun to wear, cut for you.
  3. 03
    Women's Bob / Long Length Cut $110
    Any hair at or below the jawline - classic lines to shaggy layers, our haircut will set the mood.
  4. 04
    Buzz Cut $32
    A simple buzzcut (no scissors) from top to bottom with extra attention paid to your hairline.
  5. 05
    Beard Trim $22
    Trim your beard to flatter your face and bone structure.
  6. 06
    Bang Trim $15
    To get you through those weeks in between haircuts, see the world in a new way.
  7. 07
    Blow Dry $55
    Quick and easy style to get you where you are going.
  8. 08
    Hot Shave $55
    A ritual to be observed for special occasions or even on a more reoccurring basis, our hot shave involves essential oils, rich lather and steaming hot towels.


  1. 01
    Child Under 5 Short Cut or Pixie $32

    For all children under five with short hair, ditch the bowl and bring them to us. Childhood is traumatic enough. 

  2. 02
    Child Under 5 Bob or Long Hair $55
    For children under five who have longer hair that requires a little extra attention.
  3. 03
    Child 5 and Over Short Cut or Pixie $55
    For all children five or older with short hair, bring them in for a stylish cut that will make them stand out in class.
  4. 04
    Child 5 - 11 years Bob or Long Hair $80
    For children five and eleven years old who have longer hair. All styles from chic to mermaid.